Bespoke easel made of oak

My second ‘easel’ job for Pusey House, this time I made the easel from scratch out of european oak.  It was cut and assembled (using biscuit-jointing) on the dining table.  I hunted down trestle hinges on the internet and finished it off on-site with a lavender scented wax that was a joy to apply. I was very relieved to set this portrait of Lord Halifax on to the easel and into its final position.

Board & tray rack

Board & tray rackThis useful addition to the kitchen can help you keep your chopping boards, trays and other flat kitchen utensils orderly when not in use.  A valuable space-saver.  Made out of soft wood and can be tailored to fit any requirement.

Cheese larder

An indispensible addition to
the cheese lover’s retinue.
Ideal for storing goats cheese.
Anything you want kept safe and
clean and at room temperature.
Charming rustic constructions,
reminiscent of a traditional french kitchen.